You and your team have an invaluable contribution to make in service of justice and equity. Every contribution you make is a critical piece to our collective work of building a thriving world.

We’re here to support you
so that you can make the contribution you are here to make.  Here’s how you and your team will benefit from our approach to coaching:

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Clear vision

You and your team will clarify your individual and collective vision for the contribution you would love to make to social and climate justice. You will end each day knowing you and your team took action on exactly what you are here to do.

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Focused Energy

You will learn to consistently focus your personal and group energy on your vision. You will develop the skill to shift your attention to a more resilient and authentic way of being with others and your work.

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Creative Action

You will see exciting new possibilities for individual and collective action as one part of a transformational approach to designing your changemaking strategy.

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Community Support

You will contribute to authentic and collaborative teamwork. You will see how you want to contribute to creating teams and organizations in which each person is supported as a whole individual to be in action around a personal or shared vision.


Custom Support Offerings for You and Your Team  

The Coaches at Radical Support Collective will customize our coaching packages specifically to your and your team’s needs. Contact us to discuss which of these services will be the best fit for you and your team.

Team Coaching

Get one-on-one and group support for your team’s work so you can stay in action on your collective vision and goals. One or more of the RSC Coaches will support your team through a combination of group and individual sessions to move your team past where you often stop yourselves.

The starter Team Coaching Package is 6 months in length with two 75-minute team sessions per month, with an additional three one-on-one sessions for each team member that can be scheduled at any point over the course of the 6 months. 

Schedule a conversation with our Director of Client Enrollment, Anastasia Schemkes, to discover your next step!

One-on-One Coaching

Get one-on-one support for your work so you can stay in action on your most important goals. When you work one-on-one with an RSC coach, we will support you to clarify your vision for the life you'd love and learn tools to consistently focus your energy on bringing that vision into reality.

The starter One-on-One Coaching Package with an RSC Coach is 6 months in length with two 50-minute sessions per month. Each of our coaches draws on unique experiences and perspectives.

Meet our coaches and schedule a discovery session!

Incorporating additional work that we love:

In addition to being certified Life and Leadership Coaches, each of us at Radical Support Collective are passionate about different healing modalities, philosophies and social change strategies. Ask us about incorporating one or more of these tools into your coaching package!   

Group Programs

Possibility LaB

RSC is bringing together small groups of changemakers on a bi-weekly basis to explore new perspectives on how we live, work, relate, and affect change amidst the growing climate crisis.

The Possibility Lab is a space to be in community and explore the creative, innovative, and unique vision you have for how to work for justice while enjoying your precious life. You will be supported to dream, collaborate, play, and ideate about how to cultivate possibility in your life and work amidst climate change. Most importantly, you’ll see new possibilities to take action on what matters most to you.

RSC Coaches Jess Serrante, Seth Bush, and Anastasia Schemkes will lead this emergent and collective exploration. As a group we’ll pool our brilliance and experience to support everyone to make their unique contribution to justice with fresh eyes and a new approach.

You can join one or all of the sessions. Sign up each week when you want to see new possibilities for your life and work.

"Resilience Principles" Icon Credits from the Noun Project: laser by Yohann Berger, fantasy by Aneeque Ahmed, Tree by Brian Hurshman, Community by Oksana Latysheva