Live meaningfully amidst the climate crisis and make the impact you dream of for a just and thriving world.

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Dear Changemakers, 

You know as well as we do that we are in an unprecedented moment in human history. Impacts of the climate crisis are being felt across the globe, amplifying existing injustices, and making our future as a species less certain than ever before. Climate catastrophe and even human extinction are possible in the foreseeable future… but so is the emergence of radical new ways of being together on this planet.

Let’s face it, it can be overwhelming to face these multiple possible realities! Yet, still, you dream of the second possibility: of making a meaningful difference and building a just and thriving world.

So, how do we remain present to possibility (even with all our fears!) and stay in action (without it feeling hard all the time) so we can make a meaningful difference? 

We’ve learned from great leaders throughout history that consistently putting our attention on what’s possible (rather than probable) is how we cultivate an active hope that nourishes us as we take action for a thriving world.  

That’s why, this November, Radical Support Collective is launching an in-person coaching group on “Cultivating Possibility Amidst the Climate Crisis” in New York, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. In this coaching group, you will see new possibilities for your life and work, discover how to stay in action (without wearing yourself out!), and experience ease in your changemaking even amidst great uncertainty. Best of all, you’ll be on the journey with a radically supportive group of changemakers in your city dedicated to living meaningfully amidst the climate crisis. 

We invite you to join us. Read on to learn more, or, if you’re hooked already, book an interest chat with an RSC Coach to see about joining in your city! 

With gratitude,

The Radical Support Collective Coaches 

Jess Serrante, Seth Bush, and Anastasia Schemkes

Is this group for me? 

This workshop is for you if… you are seeking ways to thrive and be impactful over the long haul as you navigate the climate crisis. You may be an activist, a writer, community leader, teacher, social worker, parent, student, librarian, plumber, artist, or beyond! 

Showing up to the climate crisis can be daunting.. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You see how big the climate crisis is, and feel like you can’t “do enough,” “fast enough”… so your priorities just keep growing...

  • You are overwhelmed by how bad things look now, and you want to see how you can have a meaningful impact in your life. 

  • You worry you’re not yet working toward the goals and dreams that would be most meaningful to you when you consider the state of the world.

  • You want to be creative about the future, but you find it hard to be hopeful about what you believe is possible for the world, or your own life. 

  • You yearn for a deeper connection to other changemakers, your community, and our world.

If yes, join us if…

  • You are interested in discovering what it means for you to live meaningfully amidst the climate crisis.

  • You want to cultivate skills that will support you to be in action for the long haul, so that you can make your unique contribution.

  • You have a desire to build a just and thriving world, rooted in life-giving relationships to resources, work, land, and people.

  • You are eager to see how to make your impact with ease and joy.

  • You’re interested in focusing your energy on creating possibilities for a thriving future.

  • You value being in community as an integral part of building a life-sustaining world.

In this group, we'll support you to...

  • Clarify your vision for living and contributing meaningfully amidst the climate crisis. 

  • Set goals that bring you joy, and reflect the unique impact you want to be making. 

  • Discover your personal “guiding lights” for how you want to make an impact in the world, and how to use them to stay in action on that impact. 

  • Discover your personal compass for how you want to show up to this work, so that you have a way to bring your best to any situation. 

  • Learn how to spot and go beyond your familiar stopping points, so that you can make the contribution you see is yours to make.  

  • See new possibilities for your life and work and experience renewed energy in taking action on those possibilities. 

  • Learn how to work toward your goals and make your impact... one. small. sweet. step. at. a. time. so you can stay in this work for the long-haul!  

  • Cultivate a dedicated community of support (and! The best part is, you all live in the same city!)


We are excited to offer this coaching group in-person in each of our cities: New York, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. Sign up for an interest chat in the city you live in! 

Location: in-person in New York, Pittsburgh, or Seattle (exact locations announced after sign up) 

Duration: 6 months; launching November 2019 - ending April 2020 

Sessions: 2 in-person group sessions per month @ 2 hrs each session + two, one-on-one, 50-min sessions with your RSC coach. 

(In this structure, over six months, you’ll get 26 total hours of professional coaching and training to score the goals that are most important to you!)

Dates: Exact session dates will vary by city. Learn more by booking an interest chat with an RSC Coach.


We envision a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. Our sliding scale reflects that vision, by supporting people to participate who could not otherwise do so.

Choose a payment level that’s a stretch, but not a hardship:

  1. $200/mo if it’s a stretch to be investing in this

  2. $300/mo if you’re living comfortably

  3. $400/mo if you’re flourishing financially

If the lowest tier is inaccessible for you at this time, please email with the city you’re interested in, and we will gladly support you to find a rate that’s authentic for you or provide a scholarship.

“How much should I pay?”

Pay with joy and keep it simple! This is the best way to honor our work. Just make sure it’s truly a stretch, and not a hardship. Pay more and help folks join who otherwise couldn’t. OR pay less, knowing you’re giving what you truly can.

You’ll be taken to a separate page where you can book a chat with an RSC Coach to explore joining this coaching group in your city!

What's a coaching group?

A coaching group is a powerful space for you to see a path forward with new possibilities, especially when you might be stuck or hungry to bring your impact to the next level. This is different from a discussion group, a team at work, or even commiserating with friends! A coaching group gives you the chance to see you are not alone in the dreams you hold, or the thoughts you have. You will be professionally supported to cultivate resilience in navigating familiar challenges, clarify your vision, and set goals that bring your vision into reality. Rather than momentary changes, this coaching group will produce a lasting transformation in your life — so you can consistently see and stay in action on what’s most important to you, now and for the long-haul. 

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