Jess Serrante

Hey! I'm Jess Serrante. I'm a Life and Leadership Coach who supports visionary, creative changemakers to live lives that are full reflections of the changes they want to see in the world.

I believe we are at a crucial moment in history where we must tip the scales toward a just, equitable and ecologically sound future. I delight in supporting my clients to courageously go for what they know in their hearts could be possible and experience joy, freedom, love and ease while they're doing it.

My clients include healers, activists, entrepreneurs, artists, academics...anyone who wants to step up their game and say "YES" to the dreams that have been simmering in the back of their minds. My clients access a deeper sense of peace, purpose and ease as they devote themselves to making the difference that they are here to make.

In this moment, many of us are seeing that it's time to be in action, creating and building lives (and a world) that reflect our deepest held visions and values.  As a coach, I can support you to move beyond the internal stopping points that are getting in the way as you take action toward bringing your dreams to life. I can support you to live a successful (by your own definitions), self-expressed life, where you know in your heart that you're making the difference that you're here to make.

In addition to being an Academy for Coaching Excellence trained coach, I am a student and facilitator of Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects and a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher through the Laughing Lotus School of Yoga. I have been an environmental organizer at organizations like Rainforest Action Network and Greenpeace for the last decade. I hold a Master's Degree in Theories of Urban Practice from Parsons School of Design in NYC where my research focused on questions of urban climate resilience & environmental justice. I live in Brooklyn, New York.


Sign up for a free discovery session with me to see how you might benefit from coaching. I promise you'll leave with a clear next step toward your vision, whether it's working with me or not.

Experience Powerful Principles of Resilience

Coaching trains your brain to notice self-limiting inner dialogue and shift your attention to a more resilient way of being that's authentic, not reactive. By working with me, you'll clarify your vision for the life you'd love and learn tools to consistently focus your energy on bringing that vision into reality. Through coaching, you'll see exciting new possibilities for action and building a community to support your changemaking.

My Offering

I operate the way I’d want any coach to operate with me: Simple, easy, and straight-forward each step of the way.

Free Discovery Session: We’ll start by clarifying your vision and intentions for working together, and answering any and all questions. If you want to explore the possibility of coaching with me, schedule a discovery session. Once you schedule your session, fill out this discovery survey to prepare us both for our conversation. 

Package: My starting package is 6 months, two 55-minute sessions per month: Long enough for meaningful results, short enough for a doable commitment.  And we can always renew from there. In between sessions, I offer unlimited text/email support.

Hours: We can meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10-5 Eastern Standard Time, and I have the flexibility to make exceptions too. Scheduling is easy, thanks to my online scheduling service.

Simple Contract & Flexible Rates: If we see we’re a fit, we’ll sign a digital contract and start as soon as you’d like!I am committed to creating a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. The rate I charge for coaching reflects this by having those who can pay more support me to offer lower rates to those who can pay only at lower levels. By paying the most authentic fee for yourself, you are helping ensure that my support is accessible. We'll work together to discover a rate that's right for you -- an investment, not a hardship!


“Working with Jess grounded me in my own mind, heart and aspirations. She helped me hear the difference between authentic direction and other people’s opinions masquerading as my own. I’d recommend her to anyone who could use support in clarifying their next steps and committing to actually walking the path you have chosen”
— Kitt
“My adventures with Jess have been an amazing catalyst for self growth and her support has undoubtedly helped with realizing and reaching for my dreams. We have laughed (and I have cried) but I fly away from every session with a new outlook and brighter perspective. Even my loved ones have noticed my renewed sense of self and have commented on my glowing perspective on life. I was cautiously hesitant at the idea of a life coach at first, but am so grateful that I threw caution to the wind. I am so grateful to have Jess to support me through my adventures!”
— Terri

Am I a fit for you?

Let's talk and find out! Take a moment to schedule your free Discovery Session below or email me at I promise you'll see a clear next step toward your vision, whether it's working with me or not.

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