Honoring Our Teachers

We want to honor the amazing teachers and mentors that have taught and supported us throughout the years. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and we are proud to build Radical Support Collective from the contributions that their work and wisdom has made to our lives:

  • Deepest gratitude to our teachers and mentors at the Academy for Coaching Excellence -- especially to Maria Nemeth, Beth Ann Suggs, Carolyn Ingram, Zo Tobi, Margi Mainquist, and Jeremy Blanchard.  

  • Thank you to the friends whose work has been a part of RSC’s origin story: Eli Grobel, Rob Friedman, and Daniel Jubelirer.

  • Thank you to Tori Baggot for your design brilliance and giving RSC a brand that we are proud of.

  • Thank you to the thinkers and writers who have informed our worldviews: Grace Lee Boggs, Joanna Macy, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, adrienne maree brown, Octavia Butler, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Amy Goodman, Margaret Wheatley, Frederic Laloux, Peter Senge.


I say thank you to my coaches and mentors for stoking my own light such that the path ahead becomes clear and alive with possibility -- and for teaching me the skills to walk that path with ease and integrity: Justin Haaheim, Margi Mainquist, Carolyn Ingram, Jeremy Blanchard, Nia Martin-Robinson, Jameelah Muhammad, Kwesi Chappin, Sasha Shyduroff, Mark Bettinger, and Ward Allebach.

Thank you to my dear friends who feed my soul, mind, and belly. Especially: Karl Zellars, Andrew Woomer, Eva Resnick-Day, Adam Martin, Eli Grobel, Eva Westheimer, Yael Engel, Angela Wiley, Faith Jochum, and so many more.  Y’all are the best -- my foundation.

Thank you to the Maryland Sierra Club team, Baltimore Peoples Climate Movement, the Maryland Climate Coalition, and United Workers for demonstrating what bold, effective teams look like and being an integral part of my growth as an organizer. I especially want to lift up Jennifer Kunze, Taylor Smith-Hams, Nabeehah Azeez, Rebecca Mark, Senowa Mize-Fox, David Smedick, Josh Tulkin, Cortez Elliot, and Lynne Davidson for making the Baltimore climate justice movement feel like family.

Thank you to my coaching clients. It is a true privilege to support and learn alongside you.

Thank you to my partner in life, Tori Baggot, for holding me up and reminding me what’s most important. And to our dog Riker for warming our hearts every day.

Thank you to my family for your unwavering love and support, and to my parents especially for modeling a life of integrity, compassion, and joy.

And of course thank you to my RSC buddies present and past for going on this adventure with me!


Deep thanks to my mentors and coaches: Maria Nemeth, Margi Mainquist, Beth Ann Suggs, Zo Tobi, and Allison Roeser. It is because of your support that I say yes every day to a journey of joy, deep love, adventure, and community.

Thank you to the Sierra Student Coalition community. To Karissa Gerhke for your leadership, friendship, and unabashed love for this world. To Tim Harlan-Marks, Randy Downs, Rachel Shiozaki, Jahdiel Torres-Caba, Morissa Zuckerman for being amazing co-conspirators. Thank you to Emma, Kaitlyn, Natalia, Rey, Laura, Phillip and many other incredible leaders whose vision and passion transformed my life and SSC.

Thank you to my coaching clients. It is an honor and delight to support and learn alongside each of you!

Thank you to the original journeyers of the “Coaching House” and our extended family. You showed me the integral role community plays in my life and inspired me to say yes, with a full heart, to being a coach. I would not be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the adventure we said yes to together.

Thank you to the many friends who have brought so much richness to my life over the years! Each of our friendships nourishes, emboldens, and inspires me. In particular, Jeremy Blanchard, Leah Knopf, Lilah Gliksohn, Jessica Anderson.

Thank you to my family for your unconditional love and support. You’ve shown me what it looks like to follow a dream. Your love and example inspires me and has made me a more thoughtful and bold advocate for justice.

Lastly, thank you to my RSC Team-mates, Seth Bush and Jess Serrante, I’m so excited to create this adventure with you!


Deep thanks to my coaches, Beth Ann Suggs,  Zo Tobi, Allison Roeser, and LiYana Silver…each of you have helped me discover and unveil parts of myself in order to come to do this work that I love. It is because of your support that I see clearly who I am and the work that I’m here to do.

Thank you to my yoga teachers at the Laughing Lotus, Keith Borden and Jasmine Tarkeshi  for teaching me the deep embodied wisdom of the yoga practice. Thank you to Joanna Macy for teaching me the way of the Work that Reconnects; so much of our work at RSC is inspired by your wisdom.

Thank you to my teachers and mentors at Parson’s -- especially Mindy Fullilove, Evren Uzer, and Bill Morrish for teaching me to think in systems and supporting me through the research that has forever changed the ways that I think. Thank you to Stephanie Kaza and Ibit Getchell for nurturing my deep love for this earth. Thank you to my coaching clients-- each of you have taught me immeasurably and it’s a true honor to support you.

Thanks to the many friends who have offered their friendship and their guidance over the years many of whom have helped us to bring the RSC vision to life: Jean Rohe, Andy Benincasa, Liam Robinson, Chelsea MacMillan, Leo Bierman, Tim Nottage, Gideon Wald, Lindley Mease, Lilah Gliksohn, Molly James, Kristen Greenwald, Chris Scheller, Connor Gibson, Kathleen and Brianne Lynch, Michelle Reyf, Tama Jackson… and so many more.

Lastly, thanks to my family for your unwavering support of me and of the RSC vision.  I am who I am because of your love, insight and generosity: Cynthia, Louis, Micky, Jody, Joan, Joe, Nikki, Mike and Annie. I love you to the moon and back.

And the list keeps growing…