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The Possibility Lab


We are in an unprecedented moment in human history. The climate is changing, and with it, so are the systems we depend on. Existing injustices are amplified as the global temperature rises, and our future becomes less certain than ever before.

We’ll be frank, climate catastrophe and even human extinction are possible in the foreseeable future, but so is the emergence of radical new ways of being together on this planet.

Given these possibilities, you might be asking: How can I contribute meaningfully to my community amidst the climate crisis? How do I nourish myself as a whole person and enjoy this one precious life I have to live amidst so much uncertainty? Or maybe you’ve struggled with the same challenges for so long you’re asking: How can I do this differently?

Those are some big questions! Wouldn’t it be great if there were some formula to get the right answers?

Well… there is no such formula (womp womp).

BUT, joining together with other changemakers in a space of mutual support can be a powerful way to discern your own answers and see new possibilities, especially if you’re in a rut.

RSC is bringing together small groups of changemakers every other week to explore new perspectives on how we live, work, relate, and affect change amidst the growing climate crisis. We call this gathering the Possibility Lab.

The Possibility Lab is a space to be in community and explore the creative, innovative, and unique vision you have for how to work for justice while enjoying your precious life. You will be supported to dream, collaborate, play, and ideate about how to cultivate possibility in your life and work amidst climate change. Most importantly, you’ll see new possibilities to take action on what matters most to you.

RSC Coaches Jess Serrante, Seth Bush, and Anastasia Schemkes, invite you to join us for this emergent and collective exploration. As a group we’ll pool our brilliance and experience to support everyone to make their unique contribution to justice with fresh eyes and a new approach.

Each of us at RSC have spent the last decade organizing for climate justice. We are certified professional Life & Leadership Coaches, each with over 300 hours of experience coaching with changemakers individually and in group settings. We are dedicated to you living a luminous life as you contribute to climate justice!

Is this for me?

This group is for you if...

  • The climate crisis keeps you up at night (literally or figuratively) wondering, “what’s the contribution I could actually be making right now, given how bad things might get?”

  • You’d love clarity on your vision for living fully amidst the climate crisis

  • You are working for justice, but you feel overwhelmed by everything you could be doing and want support to focus your energy on what’s most important to you.

  • You’re interested in bringing more lightness and creativity to your life and work for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

  • You’d love to be part of a community that experiments and innovates together

In this group, you’ll be supported to...

  • Experience aliveness, ease, and efficacy that you can cultivate in your life and work for climate justice.

  • See creative new possibilities for yourself and your work.

  • See new perspectives on challenges that are familiar and have stopped you before.

  • See what’s most important to you about the role you play for climate justice.

  • Contribute to a community of changemakers that supports each other 100%.

  • Leave with a next step to take that’s a reflection of what’s important to you about living amidst the climate crisis.

The Details

Format: 90 minute video meeting over Zoom webchat (with optional call-in available). Each person poses a team-related question to the group and receives feedback and coaching.

Cost: Sliding Scale $30-50 per session. There will be no refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of the session.

If you register with a friend, you can both register for $15 (50% off the lowest tier)!

We are committed to creating a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. To reflect this, the rate we charge for the Possibility Lab is on a sliding scale. We ask that those who can, pay more. This supports us to offer lower rates to those who can pay only at lower levels. By paying the level most authentic for you, at any level on our scale, you are helping ensure our support, and the invaluable community created in the Possibility Lab, is accessible for you and others. If the lowest tier is inaccessible for you at this time, please email, and we will gladly support you to find a rate that’s authentic for you or provide a scholarship. Keep it simple, and pay with joy!

Guarantee: This isn’t your average zoom call! We guarantee that you will receive actionable benefit from joining a Possibility Lab. You’ll get 90 minutes of interactive group coaching with professionally certified coaches and peer-to-peer support from other experienced changemakers. We guarantee everyone will receive benefit from the time together, or you get your money back!

Earlier Event: June 17
The Possibility Lab