A bi-weekly gathering of changemakers who want to help each other reach their goals for working on effective, thriving teams.

When our teams are healthy, effective, and clear in purpose, our movements for justice and equity are able to produce the bold and necessary changes the world needs. The world needs our movements to be bold and thriving -- with teams that give life to their members instead of depleting them. There is no recipe or formula for how to create and sustain a healthy team. This work is an emergent process in which our ways of leading and collaborating must grow and evolve as our movements do.

RSC is bringing together a small group of changemakers who want to work on effective, thriving teams with clarity and authenticity.

This group will be a space for experienced team leaders to have visionary, unconventional conversations about how we're working on teams now and how we'd love to be working on teams. It will be a space to dream, collaborate, troubleshoot, and ideate about what working on a truly thriving team could be like and how to take action toward creating that team.

Seth Bush and Jess Serrante will facilitate an emergent exploration of participants' most pressing questions where we'll learn from one another, look at challenges in radically new ways, and develop actions to support our teams. As a group we’ll pool our brilliance and experience to get everyone in the group moving forward with fresh eyes and a new approach.

The Details

You can join one or all of the sessions. Sign up when you have questions that need answers! Groups are capped at 5 participants.

Upcoming Dates:

More dates coming soon! Check back here in early May for exciting updates to this program.

If you are interested and there are times that work better for you, email team@radicalsupport.org and we’ll try to make it happen.

Format: 90 minute video meeting over Zoom webchat (with optional call-in available). Each person poses a team-related question to the group and receives feedback and coaching.

Cost: $10 per session to keep folks accountable. There will be no refunds for cancellations.

Guarantee: We likely won't get to every question, but we guarantee everyone will receive benefit from the time together (or you get your $10 back)!