In this group, I will support you to take courageous and easeful action to contribute meaningfully to your community. Through coaching, you will experience more ease and joy in your work so that you can make the impact you are here to make for climate and social justice.

Why courageous action? Why now?

In Seattle, our communities are facing a housing crisis, gentrification, rising numbers of community members living on the streets, an imbalance in food security, all while climate impacts worsen and amplify the inequity that exists in our communities.

At the same time, thousands of our community members across Seattle are taking action to create a different future. You are engaged in climate and social justice because you are dedicated to supporting our communities to thrive. You are organizing, educating, advocating for policies, building community-rooted solutions, and more, so that you can help bring to life the powerful vision of justice living in you and your community.

This is an uncertain, unpredictable journey. You might question whether you will be successful. You might feel alone at times. You might feel like the success of your team, and the future of your community, rests heavy on your shoulders. Even when we love what we do, we can end our days drained, overwhelmed, worried, or exhausted -- rather than enlivened. Taking courageous action, with ease, can feel so hard!

What would be possible if you were consistently taking courageous and easeful action in your changemaking?

Our communities need all of us to be engaged for justice, and this journey is calling on each of us to learn how to be effective and to experience ease and joy in our changemaking. As your coach, I will share skills and tools that will support you to see your purpose clearly in social change work, and stay in action from that purpose. You will learn how to be resilient and innovative when your plans don’t play out how you expected. You will create possibility in your work, and show up authentically and compassionately, even when it’s uncomfortable.  

If you’re ready to learn these skills and take your community impact to the next level, this is the group for you.

What is a coaching group?

A coaching group is a powerful space for you to get clear and see a path forward where you might currently be stuck. This is different from a discussion group, a team at work, or talking with friends. A coaching group gives you the chance to see you are not alone in the challenges you face, or the dreams you hold. You will learn to more skillfully navigate beyond familiar challenges, clarify your vision, and set goals that bring that vision into reality. This coaching group will produce a lasting shift in the way you relate to what is important to you, so you can do the work that is yours to do, now and for the long-haul.

Is this group for you?  You...

  • Are a changemaker in the Seattle area called to build just and thriving communities

  • Have a bold vision for what is possible in your community, and want support going beyond where you usually stop yourself.

  • Want to be more resilient and innovative through the uncertain, unpredictable nature of social change work.

  • Are ready to live a satisfying, ease-filled life while making the powerful contribution to your community that is yours to make.

  • Want to bring your community work to the next level (or want to see what that next level could be!)

  • Have a contribution you’d love to make in your community and are looking for support to overcome the doubts and worries getting in the way of bringing it to life.

In this coaching group, I’ll support you to…

  • Produce a lasting shift in how you show up to your changemaking, so you experience an inner fortitude that will keep you in action for the long haul.    

  • Hone your ability to take courageous, easeful action in alignment with your values.

  • Be effective in making the impact you are here to make in your community, individually and with your teams.  

  • Learn how to skillfully navigate beyond familiar challenges that come up in your changemaking.

  • See new goals, projects, and dreams you want to bring to life.

What’s included?

  • 4 months of dedicated support to make the impact you’re here to make.  

  • Twelve hours of coaching in a community context (in-person, in Seattle).  

  • One, 1hr, “personal breakthrough” coaching session with me.

  • Unlimited text and email support.

  • Lifelong access to the tools shared during the group.

  • Lasting transformation (as opposed to momentary changes).

  • A community of changemakers committed to courageous contribution.

  • Discounts on Radical Support Collective services and future 1:1 Coaching contracts.

Dates & Times

We will meet in-person in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. We will meet twice a month on Tuesday’s, 6-8pm, June - September 2019. See the schedule below*

  • June 4

  • June 18

  • July 2

  • July 16

  • August 6

  • August 20

  • September 3

  • September 10

*If you’re clear that you would join the group if sessions were a different day or time, email me at I’ll start a second group if there is enough interest, or work with registered participants to find a time that works for everyone.


I offer a sliding scale for this group. You will make 4 monthly payments at the level that is a stretch but not a hardship for you:   

  • $400/mo if you’d like to contribute to a scholarship spot for this group  

  • $300/mo if you are financially flourishing

  • $200/mo if you are financially stable

  • $100/mo if you are making ends meet

By paying the most authentic fee for yourself, you are helping ensure that my support is accessible for you and others. Please pay with joy and keep it simple!

Why I’m leading this group:

I am a coach, a grassroots organizer, a white cis-woman, and a Washingtonian who still swoons over the mountains and water.

I began organizing on local and state climate issues at 18 years old in Seattle. Over the next decade, my organizing took me across the US and Puerto Rico, organizing with and coaching youth climate activists. We built strategic organizing communities that centered creativity, courage, and belonging.

I began professional training as a coach and co-founded Radical Support Collective so that I could support changemakers to be effective in bringing forth their boldest dreams for what is possible while living joyous, meaningful lives.    

I moved back to Seattle in April 2018 to deepen my work for justice in my home state. I am thrilled to be convening the Courageous Changemakers Coaching Group because I believe being in soulful community nourishes us as we bring our hearts to this critical work. I’m excited to support fellow changemakers in the Seattle area through this group so that we can be in dedicated community together, taking courageous action for change in the places we love and for the people we love.

If any of what I’ve shared resonates for you, let’s talk!