"Invitation" by Mary Oliver

Oh do you have time
to linger
for just a little while
out of your busy

and very important day
for the goldfinches
that have gathered
in a field of thistles

for a musical battle,
to see who can sing
the highest note,
or the lowest,

or the most expressive of mirth,
or the most tender?
Their strong, blunt beaks
drink the air

as they strive
not for your sake
and not for mine

and not for the sake of winning
but for sheer delight and gratitude –
believe us, they say,
it is a serious thing

just to be alive
on this fresh morning
in the broken world.
I beg of you,

do not walk by
without pausing
to attend to this
rather ridiculous performance.

It could mean something.
It could mean everything.
It could be what Rilke meant, when he wrote:
You must change your life.

Mary Oliver, “Invitation,” A Thousand Mornings (New York: Penguin Books, 2013).

Introducing the Radical Support Collective!

Introducing the Radical Support Collective!

By way of introduction, we are Jess, Seth, and Anastasia. We are each changemakers and leadership coaches with roots in the movement for climate justice. We believe that a better world is possible, and that deep interconnection is the key to bringing it forth. That is why we’re launching the Radical Support Collective (RSC for short).

The RSC supports organizations and individuals to do joyous, purposeful work that is in deep connection to their movements, community, and the world. We use the tools of ecological thinking and coaching to support our clients to both create and be a reflection of a world in which everyone is thriving. We will provide this support through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, trainings on community resilience and strategic resistance, and healing work for body/mind/spirit.