Hi, my name is Anastasia Schemkes. I am a Coach for Changemakers, dedicated to building a world in which everyone can thrive. I support individuals, teams, and organizations to work collaboratively toward goals that reflect their unique contribution to a more just world.

I am interested in a world where we choose community more often. I am inspired by the poem by Hafiz in which he says “Out of a great need, we are all holding hands and climbing. Not loving is a letting go. Listen, the terrain around here is far too dangerous for that.” I believe Hafiz speaks to what is possible if “community” is a verb. When each of us and our teams chooses to be in community, we become more visionary, more nimble, and in constant connection with our purpose. Let’s keep climbing, and keep holding on!

I am an Academy for Coaching Excellence trained coach and climate justice advocate with over a decade of grassroots organizing experience. I worked at Sierra Club for seven years as a Campaign Representative for the Sierra Student Coalition. But organizing goes beyond the role I’ve played at Sierra Club. For the last ten years, I’ve volunteered on local elections, organized to pass local measures and initiatives, and organized with local racial justice groups in the communities I’ve lived in.

I believe in the power of people to create change. I have coached with teams and organizations so they are energized, rather than drained, as they do this critical work for justice. I have coached with dozens of individual social change leaders, supporting them to build collaborative, authentic relationships that bring their campaigns, teams, and organizations to the next level. I’ve been a part of the creative and vulnerable process of organizational change and strategic planning. I’ve also established internal organizational coaching programs that empower hundreds of youth leaders each year to form leadership teams and design actions for climate justice.

I was born and raised in Washington state (on occupied lands of the Snohomish people) and feel blessed to call this amazing region “home.” My heart feels most at home nestled between the sea to the west and the mountains to the east. I love picking out seasonal veggies at my local farm stands, and eating fish & chips on the Pilchuck River. I am currently based in Seattle (occupied land of the Duwamish people).

Anastasia Schemkes

Anastasia Schemkes

Contact me for a free discovery session to see how you might benefit from coaching. I promise you'll leave with a clear next step toward your vision, whether it's working with me or not.

Experience Powerful Principles of Resilience

Coaching trains your brain to notice self-limiting inner dialogue and shift your attention to a more resilient way of being that's authentic, not reactive. By working with me, you'll clarify your vision for the life you'd love and learn tools to consistently focus your energy on bringing that vision into reality. Through coaching, you'll see exciting new possibilities for action and building a community to support your changemaking.

My Offering

I operate the way I’d want any coach to operate with me: Simple, easy, and straight-forward each step of the way.

Free Discovery Session: I invite you to explore the possibility of coaching with me: schedule a Free-1hr Discovery Session. We will explore coaching to support you to stay in action for justice, bring to your boldest dreams to life, and to navigate all that comes with saying YES to that dream. Once you schedule your session, I’ll ask you to fill out a discovery survey to prepare us both for our conversation. 

Package: My starting package is 6 months, two 55-minute sessions per month: Long enough for meaningful results, short enough for a doable commitment.  And we can always renew from there. In between sessions, I offer unlimited text/email support.

Simple Contract & Flexible Rates: If we see we’re a fit, we’ll sign a digital contract and start as soon as you’d like! I am committed to creating a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. The rate I charge for coaching reflects this by having those who can pay more support me to offer lower rates to those who can pay only at lower levels. By paying the most authentic fee for yourself, you are helping ensure that my support is accessible. We'll work together to discover a rate that's right for you -- an investment, not a hardship!


Working with Anastasia increases my capacity for self-compassion and compassion for others, and I engage in my professional and personal spheres with more intention and vision. By being clear on the values driving my work, I am more rooted, resilient, and less likely to become overwhelmed by everyday frustrations, mistakes, or challenges.
— Taylor, climate justice organizer
After working with Anastasia, I felt a sense of confidence in what I know
to be true about myself and my work. She supported me through
challenges in a way that uplifted my own thoughts and empowered me to find answers for myself.
— Kaitlyn, climate & social justice activist
Working with Anastasia has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Her invigorating curiosity, ability to maintain heartfelt dialogue, and intentional questions pushed me to explore and embrace aspects of my identity, goals, aspirations, and emotions. Her unwavering support during our conversations allowed me to unlock a sense of power and confidence in my purpose to make a change in the world as a queer POC fighting against climate change and all forms of injustice.
— Phillip Brown, climate justice activist

Am I a fit for you?

Let's talk and find out! Take a moment to schedule your free Discovery Session below. I promise you'll see a clear next step toward your vision, whether it's working with me or not.

"Resilience Principles" Icon Credits from the Noun Project: laser by Yohann Berger, fantasy by Aneeque Ahmed, Tree by Brian Hurshman, Community by Oksana Latysheva